She She is my mother She is my cousin She is my best friend She is my equal in my mind But maybe not his Or his or his This is a mans world, but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl Is a true statement But I'm sorry James brown but… Continue reading She


Run Away

She gives you everything even when she has nothing to give. You steal the light straight from her eyes, and she is so quick to forgive. You tear our family apart with your words that cut like blades. When you take your seat at the dinner table our smiles slowly fade.   That night when… Continue reading Run Away


2:03 am on an infant monday. its been 15 minutes, since our hour long facetime ended, and i don't like where my mind is headed. ya see i start to dream of consistency, and conversations that don't feel like i need an infantry. i enter sleep paralysis, my mind wanders towards thoughts of god damn… Continue reading Time