Frequently asked questions.

Q: Why was this blog created?

A: To create a safe space for students, teens, adults,etc. to share poetry that others could see. When doing this poems form connection, comfort, and confidence. Seeing someone leave a comment ‘omg I feel this way too’ easily makes the environment more friendly and comfortable. Also liking a poem shows your appreciation and gives the writer satisfaction in knowing how amazing their art is. And finally, my sole purpose was to have other reach out to each other for advice, guidance, tips that all regard poetry.

Q: Why poetry?

A: Poetry is away for others to express themselves and it is also a form of writing that isn’t normally used or talked about that often. So let’s talk about it.

Q: Who created this blog?

A: Me! I’m Angelina Desmond, I have not only contributed my poetry,but created this sweet blog if I do say so myself. I hope you like it! I’m 16 and have love of poetry, I hope by reading these poems it inspires you to write or talk about what ever is own your mind.

If there are any unanswered questions, email