Jigsaw poetry;

Poetry seems to be confusing, complex and at times hard to see like a jigsaw puzzle, but the purpose of this site is to open eyes, hearts, minds, mouths to see the beauty puzzle pieces make and what words create when reading and writing poetry.

This blog is a way to have youth express themselves in their own way. Instead of bottling up your feelings or punching walls, we want teens and adults alike to acknowledge the pain, injustice, tragedies of our lives through writing. This is a community/family where people should feel comfortable to present thoughts to others who may feel the same.

Poetry is a great way to connect to others and to realize YOU ARE NOT ALONE, someone else is feeling the exact same way you are, someone else may have gone through the same thing you have, so be open and honest with everyone here.

With that being said if you enjoy a poem, give it a like! Leave a comment!


Enjoy exploring and meeting others through thoughts and feelings.