I Should Have Been Doing College Apps But Democracy Was Dying

We sit watching our defeat.

Ripe for trauma,

sick stomachs

swollen eyes.



uninherit me.

My humanity is too much for you.

I can hear my friends crying

in the corners of their homes



throughout the city.


We did not rally for a ra[c/p]ist

big ego and small hands

pressing red buttons without considering consequence,

swallowing blame to spit on someone else.


You wouldn’t trust him with your daughter

only with our country

silence is the devil’s advocate.


I’m sure the newscaster,

in her Mary Janes

and saccharine smile

is gritting her teeth off camera.


She says “he won,”

She sees her boss, sees the pervy producers,

all getting a little too comfortable

sitting with their feet on the table

asking her to fetch the coffee.


Between segments they air commercials for movies

I have no capacity for

smiles plastered, paper mâché pores

I wanna pause the program

have someone pull an audible live

“Fuck this shit”

flipping off the camera.


But money makers make money

confuse little girls for playboy bunnies

get away with tax evasion

normalize offense

in the name of a greater nation.


Headline is not poem

Headline is not poem



This is reality

And we are all very afraid.

-Mila Cuda

17 years old


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