She is my mother
She is my cousin
She is my best friend
She is my equal in my mind
But maybe not his
Or his or his
This is a mans world, but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl
Is a true statement
But I’m sorry James brown but 51 years later,
A lot of men still need to take notes on your iconic song
I think its about time that destiny’s child came out with the part 2 to independent women because some people can’t seem to get through their head that
She my mother
She my cousin
She my sister
She my friend
She that woman who just made my coffee
She the women who just won an Oscar
She who is marching down the street screaming for her equality
earns 21.4% less.
That nasty woman earns 21.4% less
Than any man doing the same job
You’re angry that they march through the streets chanting
Hey hey hoho Donald trump has got to go?
They’re angry they have to do it in the first place!
So let me tell you mr president
It’s time that you opened your eyes
See the picket signs
Hear the roars of the crowd
And maybe you’ll realize
That she deserves better
She deserves the benefits
And the paycheck
And the rights
And the freedom
And the comfort that she could say hello to our president
And feel no fear that he will touch her below her belt

– Jordan Givens

16 years old


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