Run Away

She gives you


even when she has

nothing to give.

You steal the light

straight from her eyes,

and she is so quick to


You tear our family


with your words that

cut like blades.

When you take your

seat at the dinner table

our smiles slowly fade.


That night when I came


she was laying on the


Her quiet tears filled

the room

and her expression

was so loud.


He grabbed his bike

and quietly left through

the back.

Maybe not saying


was his form of twisted



All she wanted was for

him to come home

all the pain he caused

became insignificant

she just wanted her

baby to come home.


I heard her voice crack

as she called the police

“Hello my son is


When will my little

brother’s crying cease?

I don’t think we realized

when he walked back

through the frint door

he would just be the


and we would be

fighting the same war


She raised me a fighter

so I fight to keep his

darkness out.

But I have replaced my

boxing gloves with


to try and shield her

from the doubt.


Doubt that it will ever

get better.

Doubt that his knives

never become dull.

Doubt that our house is

past the point of ever being whole.



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